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Rahul Jogi

Rahul Jogi (Born 21 August 1990) is an Indian politician and Social Activist. He is former National Joint Coordinator of Indian National Congress (Backward Classes) and co-incharge of Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee

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15 Years Of Experience As A Indian Politics.

He started social services at the age of 14 and joined the Indian National Congress at the age of 18, He is working for backward classes, Dalits, laborers. Mr. Jogi raised the issue in India & Nepal also to protect rights of them.

He founded Bhartiya Jan Vikas Dal. The aim of Bharatiya Jan Vikas Dal is Social Welfare and Support to People. He is working as President of Bharatiya Jan Vikas Dal. Bharatiya JAn Vikas Dal Organised many program to search talent and support them to grow career. 

Achievements –

Mr. Rahul Jogi has contributed to various posts in the Congress Party ( Indian National Congress ). He has been a member of the Maharashtra Election Coordination Committee, co-incharge of Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee.

He was the Star promoter of Congress Party (Rajasthan ), He played an Important role to achieve support of Backward Classes community in Rajasthan Election and achieved good Results.

Achievements & social Articles

His Social and Political works & His Honored –

honored by former Prime Minister

In Nepal, he was honored by former Prime Minister Pushp Kamal Dahal and Deputy Prime Minister Upendra Yadav and all MPs for his valuable contribution.

Social Activity

During his 15 years of social work, he visited about 80000 villages in India and got information from people, whose full information is available on his Facebook page.

Political Activity

He has participated in more than 7000 political events held in India during his 15-year political tenure and got to know people, full information of which is available on his Facebook page.